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Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Friday, August 28, 2015

September Newsletter: Camden We Love You!

I will talk from my heart. That’s the best I can do at this moment.  The right sentences,  the right words  do not come easy anyway. I feel hopeful. I feel helpless.  I feel love. I feel sadness. I feel confusion. But above all, I really really really want to do something to help  Camden and his family. I am writing to you all now,  beautiful community of my little school, in the hope that together we can make a difference to the lives of Anneliese, Camden and little Zoli. 

You see, five years ago, when the idea of starting my school was born, I envisioned a place where people could come because they felt good in the school, a place where people matter to each other and a place where people can bloom to their fullest creative potentials. You all came to my little school from different corners of the world  and I think that for many of you, it was more than just art lessons here. For some of you it was a place to make friends, for others it was a place to discover what you wanted in your life and make brave choices, and for some of you ASIB even turned out to be your "Hungarian family". Together, you have created a small vibrant creative arty hub in Budapest.

In spring 2013, at one of their usual Wednesday lessons,  Anneliese and Camden
Sping 2013: 
Camdon and Anneliese at one 
of their Wednesday lessons
anounced: " We have good news. You are all going to become aunties!"  We were  thrilled.  Lori brought baby clothes the following week, and from then on, every Wednesday at lesson breaks, we were curiously touching Annelieses belly, making botanical comments: "Oh, now he is the size of a grape. Oh, now he is the size of an egg-plant. Oh, now he is the size of a small watermelon". Aneliese and Camden were so happy and so much in love. We were happy for them and with them. I thought of them so brave:  they had fallen madly in love and three months later,
 they decided to make a break in their careers, they packed two big suitcase and came to Hungary to spend a year traveling, dancing, doing arts and  all kinds of things they always wanted to do but never had time for. That is how I met them- they enrolled onto several courses at my school. And the news of  little Zoli arriving eight months later, simply crowned their beautiful story.  

However, this spring an email arrived in my inbox. Camden was ill, Annelies wrote. Camden, the strong, sporty guy who lived on a boat in Hawai, who surfed, who dances salsa fantastically, the guy who had been a sucessful marketing manager and the kind, quiet guy who created amazing drawings in my lessons, had been diagnosed with leukemia. His son, Zoli, our little surfer, was just turning two.  This is where the search for a bone marrow donor started and this is where my words ended.

Camden working on his very first painting, spring 2013
I should be saying something wise here, as I need to finish this newsletter somehow, but my head is empty. The only sentence that comes from deep within me is: "Camden, we love you! Camden, we care. Camden we are with you in this"  I wish I could be there this September when he will receive a bone marrow transplant from his sister. I want to give him a BIG hug, to give  Anneliese a BIG hug, to hold again little Zoli in my arms. The hug would tell them more than any words of mine can. But, I am in Hungary and they are in the States. I write this newsletter instead of that hug. 

Perhaps you might like  to join me and say in your heart: "Camdon, we love you!"  Perhaps, like me, you want to do something. You might like to  pray, meditate, send positive thoughts, walk a labirint, send a postcard, send an email, send a donation to the crowd funding initiative or perhals you might have another idea. Just do what your heart tells you. Because today, every little counts.

Camden we love you!

(A friend of Camden and Anneleise started crowd 
founding. You can find more information at: 
This crowd funding is not about money- it is about 

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Brand New Beginning

A new school year - a brand new beginning!

The new term at Art School in Budapest is starting with four exciting new courses. Check the list below, choose the course which tickles your heart the most and join the ASIB community of friendly creative people. 


Aug. 26 -28 / 13.30 -16.30 h
Afternoons in the  
Botanical Garden

intensive painting course for adults and teens above 14 regardless of their previous experience

Whether you would like to explore how to use colors to get in touch with your inner world, or would rather enjoy learning more technical painting skills this is a course for you. Depending on your personal level and aspirations we will address topics such as color theory, developing sensitivity for mixing tones, using color to present space, volume, light and  composition as well as some ... 

Aug. 31 - Sep. 3 / 18.15 -21 h
Evening Nude 

An intensive sketching and drawing 
course for adults and teens above 14 
regardless of their previous experience

Whether you would like to have taste of lessons at ASIB or you would like to explore how you could use drawing live-model to express your feelings and thoughts this is a course for you. Each evening of this course a model will be set and you will be receiving guidance which will help you improve your drawing skills in pencil, charcoal or brush and ...


Wednesdays, 18.15 - 21h
Nude & Portrait 

A weekly painting and drawing 
course for adults and teens above 14

 Whether you are professionally or non-professionally involved in arts, this course may be a fun and relaxed way to enforce your current knowledge and skills in 2D figure depiction.  During the lessons a model will be set and you will be encouraged to make sketches, small drawings and paintings in a technique of your choice.Beside acquiring...read more>>>

Wednesdays, 16 - 17.30h
Sketching & 
Small Drawings

A weekly course for adults and teens above 14
regardless of their previous experience

 If you would like to improve your visual perception and your drawing skills in an energetic and fun way, this is a course for you. Through making sketches and small drawings of live model, still life and the interior, you will be developing your sight, sense of composition, linear expression, shading and much more...read more >>>

Saturday, August 1, 2015

See You In September!

Work by Peter Pink
Summer Holidays have started!  Art School in Budapest will be closed till September. 

The new timetable and list of courses are expected to be published soon. If you would like to be the first to know about the new course starting  next fall  please subscribe to the mailing list (artschoolbudapest@gmail.com) and/or follow Art School in Budapest on Facebook .
   If you are interested in attending private lessons during the summer please email at : artschoolbudapest@blogspot.com or call: + 36 20 467 5051

ASB wishes you a lovely summer filled with exciting experiences, relaxation and lots of art!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

End of School Year Picnic and Art Walk

Dora Haraszti playing kaval
One more wonderful school year has ended last week and it is time to celebrate.  Bring your friend on Friday, June 12th from 18h to The Arty Picnic  at Vérmező park ( please see the maps below)  and/or join us at the exciting Street Art and History in Pest walking tour on Saturday, June 13th from 10.30h  (please register)

Everyone big or small, young or old,  ASB student or not student  is welcome!


Friday, june 12th, The Arty Picnic: 
 - arrival 

19 h - Dora Haraszti mini concert  and optional lantern making.
I will be playing different kinds of music, this time something with lot of improvisation led by the mood of my kaval (a folksmusic-instrument) and inspired by the celebration." 
from 19.30h - Ligia Fernandes  will be playing guitar and singing Portuguese songs

What to bring? 1 - A cup to drink from
2 -  food and drinks to share with everyone (fruit, finger food and/or drinks - please keep it vegetarian and on the healthy side) 3 - blanket, towel, pillow to sit on
4- an empty jar to make lanter from
optional: balloons, friends, music instrument, outdoor games, kite, your dog,...

Please drop us an email at artschoolbudapest@gmail.com to let us know that you will be coming. This is important as in case of rain we will be able to inform you about the alternative place for the picnic.

Saturday, june 13th, art tour (please register): 
Street Art and History in Pest walking tour with lovely Perrine Deglaire

" We have all been living in Budapest for months, even years. We have all spenttime in the 7th District, we saw the Parliament a dozen of time and we do not need a map to find our way in Budapest anymore! But I bet Budapest still has some secrets for you! Through this tour, I will tell you some interesting facts about the Hungarian history which make Budapest what it is today. But I will also show you the dynamic face of Budapest, and its art growing in the 7th district. It would be a walking tour, so we will cover only a short part of the city but the most relevant spots for art’s students! Hope to see you there!"
 meeting:  10.30h in front of metro stop: Kossuth Lajos  (Near the Parliament)
Everyone is welcome.

The tour is free of charge and donations for Perrine will be appreciated.
Please drop us an email at 
artschoolbudapest@gmail.com to let us know that you will be comming, so that we know how many people to count on.

Place of picnick

Vérmező Park, Budapest, District 1


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Barbara's New Exhibitions

This June will be a super exciting month for me. Two installations of mine will be shown as part of two group exhibitions. I will be more honoured and happy if you would come to see my work . 

From June 3 - 26 I will be exhibiting a new installation of mine titled Everything That Grows Wants To Grow  at Vármező Gallery, Hungarian National Agricultural Library, Attila út 93, Budapest. I will be exhibiting an installation with plants, audio experience and much more.  

From June 6 - July 12 my installation Kaddish for Michael will be show in Művészet Malom Gallery, Bogdányi út 32, Szentendre. The opening will be on June 6th at 16h. This installation has been shown tree times already in Kragujevac (Serbia), Venice (Italy) and Szombathely. It is an interacive instalation in time, hence it is worthy comming to the opening. 

more information:  


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Intensive Painting Course

May 29th - June 1st  

a long weekend course for adults and teens above 14 regardless of their previous experience 

    Whether you would like to explore how to use colors to get in touch with your inner world, or would rather enjoy learning more technical painting skills this is a course for you. Trough fun and playful exercises we will address topics such as color theory, developing sensitivity for mixing tones, using color to present space, volume, light and  composition as well as some basics of painting technology. Exercises adopted from the Creative Self-Expression (a workshop offered at ASB- see below) will help you open up creatively, hear, trust and follow the “inner voice” and generally become more confident in using paint to express your feelings and ideas.Materials for the creative exercises will be provided. Students will be asked to bring their materials and tools for the rest of the lessons.)

    Group size: 3–6

Friday, May 29th:  18 - 21h
    Saturday and Sunday, May 30th - 31st :  10 - 13h and 14 - 17 h
   Monday, June 1st: 10 -13h 

Applicaition till  May 22nd, noon

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Places Opening

Some students left Hungary, and new places are opening at Studio Painting and Drawing course on Wednesdays 14-17th. The second half of the course will run from April 16th - May 28th (7 lessons) any you are welcome to join. Students of different knowledge, experience and interests are welcome.

If you are a professionally or a non-professionally engaged in arts and would like to learn more about the skills and knowledge of traditional European art, this is the course for you. In the first part of the course we will draw and paint still life and interieur. After the spring break, we will have live model and weather permiting, some of the lessons will take part outside.
 While learning to draw and/or paint what you see accurately, your sight, sense of color and composition will develop, you may learn how to present depth, mix the exact tone you wish on your pallet and use techniques such as pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, ink and wash, gouache, home-made egg tempera, watercolors, etc.