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Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Monday, February 13, 2017

Upcoming Intensive Course

Feb. 17 - 18  (Friday evening and Saturday)
&  Apr. 7 -9 & Jun.  5 - 9

  Live Drawing 
& Painting (intensive)

The most popular course at ASIB for adults and teens above 14 now in the form of intensive weekends as well

Whether you are professionally or non-professionally involved in arts, this course may be a fun and relaxed way to enforce your current knowledge and skills in 2D figure depiction. Learning in a small group will provide you with a lot of personal attention and thanks to special teaching-learning methods we nourish at ASIB you will have a chance to learn having a curricula specially design to meet your personal level, needs and interest.  
During the lessons a model (including nude) will be set and you will be encouraged to make sketches, small drawings and paintings in a technique of your choice and expand the knowledge of your visual expression while keeping your own unique handwriting. You will be able to bring nearly any traditional or non traditional drawing and/or painting materials (turpentine, oil paints and sprays excluded) and ask for guidance about how to use techniques, how to draw/paint what you see, how to represent depth, tones, how to play with composition, focus of attention, and much more. Beside acquiring traditional knowledge of figure painting and/or drawing you will also have an opportunity to explore and expand the language of your visual self-expression.  Applications to this course will include tea and light snacks as well as model's fee . (4–7 students /  3 x 3 h )

 Feb. 17th - 18th 
Friday 18.15 - 21.15 h (arrival from  18h) 
Saturday 10 - 13 and 14.15 - 17.15h (arrival from 9.45 h) 

Application closing February 15th, Wednesday ! 
To apply please write to artschoolbudapest@gmail.com or call 20 467 5051

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  1. I had last year a super intensive course german in Berlin, it was really alot to learn in a short time, but the teachers there were great and helped me alot.