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Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Friday, September 23, 2011

September News

   After the opening party which marked the begining of the new school year , I am excited to share the latest news about the school with you.  

   Course Selection: This year ASiB is offering six different weekly courses for adults, children and teens. Whether you are a professional artist,  someone planning to apply to an art school abroad or simply a "layman" with a personal interest  in understanding contempoarary art, adding to your skills, ceativity, self expression or your enjoyment of life, I invite you to browse through the  weekly course selections for a course to match your interest. To check the fall semmester timetable click here. 

    The school year will be divided in two semmesters, each one containg 16 weekly lessons and two breaks.To see the calendar  for 2011-2012 school year, click here

    Apply: With a growing interest in the courses and  returning students and , my  vision that learning art can be an exciting, meaningful and self-fulfilling voyage is being  reinforced. To apply for a course or to arrange a visit to see a lesson in progress, please check for availability by email ( or phone us at (+ 36 20 467 5051). The maximum nuber of students for each group is 6.

   ASiB on Facebook: Like ASiB's Facebook profile to start receiving (to your Facebook profile) the latest news about the school,  links to interesting videos about art, artists, education and creativity every week, as well as recomendations for exhibitions and different art connected events in Budapest. 

   Student Benefits: Beginning this year, students enrolled in any of the courses at ASiB will receive a student card. This card entitles them to receive discounts at various shops and places in Budapest. (to see the benefits for ASiB students  click here) This list is continually expanding. Please check it regularly for learning about the additional offerings. Any ideas to help me expand the benefits to our students are more than welcome.

   Financial Assistance: It is my vision that ASiB as a school, will become more and more of a supportive community in which the needs and abilities of each student are taken into consideration. My intention in this aim, is to keep the prices as low as possible. While I offer a number of discounts (to see discounts click here and scroll down) prices are sadly, still out of reach for some students. To make studying art with us more financially available, this year ASiB would like to start to connect students in need of financial help with those who would be happy to contribute. 

    Request For Support:  In Case you are a student who needs financial help to attend a course at ASiB, please write to and make a request about the kind of support you need.

    Financial Contributors: In case you would like to support students of ASiB, your kind offer of 5.000 – 40.000 Ft  (about 15 – 170 EUR) will be most welcome. I will be happy to introduce you to the students who will be receiving your help.  (to read more about how to support AsiB and how to receive an AsiB scholarship please click here and srcoll down a bit.)

    Please Support ASiB! Art School in Budapest is a new school and any other kind of support from you will be most appreciated. Here are some ways you might like to support the school:
            -     Apply to a course
-       Send us an email and tell us what you like (and dislike) about the school, school’s   
       website, etc.
-       Send us a half page text about your personal experience at a course (which can be   
       published on the school’s web) and pictures of your work
-       Print ASIB poster  and hang it somewhere where people can see it.
-       Recomend ASiB to your freinds and colleagues 
-       Like us on Facebook (click here)
-       Send us ideas about how and where to advertise

I wish you an exciting school year filled with creativity, artistic expression and joy of living!


                Barbara Guttman

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