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Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Best Gift You Can Unwrap This December

   Few years ago I spent my winter in Northern Finland. Despite my  original fear of getting depressed because of the cold weather and  kaamos (days with hardly any daylight), it actually turned to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. I cannot say that a grandiose event happened to me that winter, nor that I met a person who influenced me greatly. What happened to me  was that I simply allowed myself  to slow down and listen -  listen to other people and to the fine movements of my own soul.  I unwraped many gifts that winter: I learned  that the way to survive winter is to live with it instead of going against it , that it is not the weather that is cold but that I was not dressed worm enough and that burning one little candle on a dark winter day can actually be enough to make me feel good. But the best gift I 'unwrapped' on Christmas that year was myself , being able to hear myself inside and feel whole again.

December always brings these memories to me, and I hope that this winter you will be able to 'unwrap' yourself too while taking part at some of new interesting events at ASiB. Please note that places for all events are limited and will be alocated on first come, first served basis.  To register, please write to or call + 36 20 467 5051  and give your name and your phone number. 

  · December 2, Friday, 17.30 - 21 h
   "Even My Grandma Could Do It (or What Happened to Art 
    in The 20th Century"
    ( lecture ) Canceled due to the illness of the lecturer

Whether you feel completely lost in a museum of contemporary arts wishing to understand what artists of today are trying to say or simply are an art lover interested in expanding your knowledge, this lecture is meant for you. The 3 interesting lectures in one evening with the active engagement of the audience and interesting film segments will offer a scope to how making and understanding  art evolved from the 19t century to the present days. It will show you how paradigm shift as well as some social and technological changes shaped the formation of art we have today.  These three lectures are also an introductory to Weekly Contemporary and ARS MODO  courses. In case you are interested, after attending them you will  be ready to join these  two courses.
       ·fee: 4500 Ft/person including snacks and tea

· December 3, Saturday, 17.30 - 19 h
"Experiencing The 2011 Venice Biennale"
 (lecture) Canceled due to the illness of the lecturer

In the begging of November this year I made study trip to  Italy to see  the 54th Venice Biennale, one of the two most important  international contemporary arts exhibitions in Europe.  In this lecture I will be happy to share with you my personal impressions about the exhibition and to present you a selection of  the documentation (pictures and videos) I have made there.  Whether you missed to see the biennale this year or have never been to one, this lecture is for you. 
    · contribution of 1000 - 3000 Ft/person will be welcome.  Tea and snacks are included.

   · December 16, Friday, 18 - 22 h
       Pikkujoulu -Little Christmas Party

    Pikku Joulu is a Finnish expression literary meaning little Christmas. It is a name  for parties Finns like to give in the time before Christmas. Beside mulled wine and yumee cookies, this little party at ASiB will be spiced up with fun artistic activities and a game I learned at my first pukkijoulu party in Finland. You are most welcome and pleae feel free to bring an art loving friend too.
   list of things to bring to the party
   1) slippers or worm socks (you will be asked to take off your shoes  and maybe sitting on the floor)
   2)  some vegetarian food, snacks and/or drinks 
   3) two or more small present for the Pikkujouly game. The present should not be very expensive and if you are creative feel free to make something yourself. If possible keep the presents eather hand made or art related , to keep the spirit of the school. Please remember to wrap your presents at home. It is important for the game that none knows what is inside the package.

 Seasons Greetings 
a Very Happy and Creative New Year! 

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