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Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New School Year Starting in September

Work by  Seth aka Globepainter
The new school year is starting this September and I hope that Art School in Budapest (ASiB) will continue to be a fun, warmhearted and supportive place where you come to expand your knowledge and skills in the visual arts, reinforce your creative self while meeting interesting people who, like you, share a passion for art.
This fall, a variety of courses and workshops in painting, drawing and creativity development are being offered for adults and teens . In order to maintain a high quality of learning/teaching and make sure that each student receives plenty of attention, we will continue to work in small groups, generally up to 6 students. At ASiB we care about your individual interest, needs and level of knowledge therefore, curricula at every course and workshop is personally tailored. The school is a unique place to experience how learning and developing can be a fun and deeply meaningful process.
You are welcome to Art School in Budapest, a small school with a big heart. 
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FALL 2013 
COURSES & WORKSHOPS (short version)
 For a detailed list of courses click here

· Studio Painting 
   and Drawing 
    (for adults and teens above 14)

If you are a professionally or a non-professionally engaged in arts and would like to learn more about the skills and knowledge of traditional European art, this is the course for you. Duration: 3 hours on weekdays and 4 hourse on weekends. read more >>>

12-week courses start on: Wednesday, September 11th, 13 -16 h
Once a mont course (4 sessions) on Sundays: Sep. 15,  Oct. 13,  Nov. 17, Dec. 15
Trial lessons: Wed., September 4th, 13 -15h and 18 -21h (please apply )

· Creative Selfexpression 
    (a workshop for everyone, regardless of age, talent or skills)

If you long to awaken your creativity and have fun, if you are not even sure whether you know how to be creative or if you wish to use artistic expression to deepen your self-growth, this is a workshop for you. Duration: 2,5  hours.  read more>>> 

10-week workshop start on: Tursday, Oct. 3rd, 13.30 - 16h
10-week workshop start on: Tursday, Oct. 3rd, 18 - 20.30 h  
Trial lessons:  Thur., Sept. 5th & 19th, 13.30 -15.30  (please apply )
                         Thur., Sept. 5th & 19th, 18 -20  (please apply )

· Nude Painting 
    and Drawing 
    (For adults and teens above 14)

 Whether you are professionally or non-professionally involved in arts, the Nude Painting and Drawing lessons may enforce your figure drawing skills and self expression in a fun and relaxed way.  read more>>> 

bi-weekly course of 8 sessions 18 -20.30h starting: Tuesday, Sept. 17,  
4 x full day course on Saturdays,  10 -17h ,  (Sept. 14/ Oct.12 /Nov.16 /Dec.14)
Trial lessons: September 3rd & 10th, 18 -20  (minimum 3 people ) (please apply!)

· Introduction to 
   Contemporary Art  
    (weekly lectures and work on project for adults and teens above 16)

    If you are planning to apply to an art school next year, if you are an artist and need support and guidance or if you simply feel lost in a modern art gallery and wish to broaden your understanding of arts, this is the course for you! At this course you will receive theoretical and practical introduction to contemporary visual art.  read more>>> 
10 week course starting on Fridays,  October 4th

·  Sketching And 
    Small Drawings
   (For adults and teens above 14 reagrdless of their previous experience)

  If you would like to improve drawing skills in an energetic and fun way, this is a course for you. Through making sketches and small drawings, you will be developing your sight, sense of composition, linear expression, shading and much more. Duration: 2 hours. read more>>> 

bi-weekly course of 6 sessions on Wednesdays, 18 -20 h starting: Sept. 18th  
Trial lessons: Sept. 4th &11th, 18 -20  (minimum 3 people ) please apply!

· Arteen 
    (bi-weekly course on Fridays for age 14 -17)

Arteen is a course specially designed for the needs and interests of teenagers aiming to give them a fun introduction into different art techniques. During the bi-weekly lessons on Friday afternoons,  students will have a fun experience of trying out different painting and drawing techniques and learnings some secrets about how paints are made, how to mix different tones od colours and which techniques can be mixed more>>> 
course of 5 sessions starting on: Friday, October 4th, 17.30 -20 h
Trial lessons: Friday, Sept. 6th and 13th, 17.30-19.30h (please apply)

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