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Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

· Benefits for Students

Students enroled to Art School in Budapest 
can get discounts in the following shops 
(Please bring your ASiB student card with yourself):

· Dob Papír Bt. 
  address: 1073. Budapest, Dob u. 68 (close to Körút)
  tel: +36 1  352 55 02
  open: M.-F. 10-18h
  info: Small stationary shop with basic art suplies, 10% discount for art suplies and 5% for stationary goods ,  150m from ASiB.

· All Hobbyművész shops
  addresses:1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 45.
                   1085 Budapest, Üllöi út 36. 
                   1106 Budapest, Maglódi út.25
  open: M.-F. 10-18h, S. 10-13h
  info: Art suplies. Please ask at ASiB for a special card which will enable you to receive 10% discount during one year

· Pátria stationary and art suplies shop
 address: 1065  Budapest, Nagymező u.50
 tel: +36 1  312 3459
 open: M.-F. 10-18h
  info: Stationary shop with some art suplies, 10% discount for art suplies (not for startionary goods). The shop sells Pabeo brand and often has very good discounts on art suplies. 
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· Panton Papíripari és Dekorációs Áruházlánc 
address:1075 Budapest, Rumbach S. u. 15.
 +36 1 342 3789 mobil: 06 30 8200 175
info: Art and decoration suplies and a very good  sellection of papers, 10% discount 

· Uriten Festék shop
  address: Budapest, József krt. 26  
  open: M-F: 10 -18, S: 10 -13
  info: A small art suplies shop , 10% discount 

· Cartc - non profit cultural association
facebook page: www.facebook.com/cartc2012
info: 10% discount for all telecourses in art and culture advertised at http://www.cartc.hu/index1.php#.UPcXoyehBTI  
· Red Ball Theater
address:  Puder bar, Raday utca 8, distr. 9 (may change)

info: An improvisation theater that offers English-language shows as well as courses in theater and public speaking. 10% discount for ASiB students. Please check times and location beforhand.

· Suprawerk képkeretezés (framing)
  address: 1074. Budapest, Csengery u. 32 (close to Király u.)
  tel: +36 1  352 17 02
  open: M.-F. 9-17h
  info: A small framing shop, 200 m form ASiB, with a very kind and reliable owner and good prices. 5-10% discount for framings

· Danish Interor Design (furniture)
address: Hercegprímás utca 6
  district 5 (close to Basilica)
tel: ++36 1 78 45 17436 1 
open: M.-F. 10 -18, Sat. 10 -14
info: A high design furniture shop. 10% discount  for all furniture, lamps and home decoration and other small items

· Birs Bisztro (restaurant and art gallery)
   address: 1092. Budapest, Ráday u. 49 
   tel: +36 30 349 9034 and +36 20 356 4321

  info: A small family run restarant and gallery. Ask for Stefan's daily gourmet offers which will make you go waka-waka-waka. 10% discount for all drinks and food consumed at the restaurant

· Ajándékpolc (gift-shop)
 address: 1023  Budapest, Lövőház u. 19 (close to Mamut) and:  1135 Budapest, Holán Ernő u. 16 (close to Jászai Mari tér)
 tel: +36 1  3165225 (Lövőház u.)
          +36 20 357 83 75 (Holán Ernő u.)
info: A small gift shop with a great sellection of wonderful hand made objects, greeting cards, bags, furniture, jewelry, etc. Please make sure to show your student card in order to get 10% discount for anything you buy in these two shops. 

· Katica (toy-shop)
 address: 1077  Budapest, Király u. 101 (close to ASiB)
 tel: +36 1  4130885
 open: M-F: 10 -18h, S.:10 -13h
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info: A hearwarming toy shop with a great variety of wooden and developmental toys and games, some art supplies and childen book. Very kind shop assistents will help you find toys and games for any age and budget rage. 10% discount for all products.

· Bikepont (bike shop and repairs)
address:  1067 Budapest, Csengery utca 34. ( 20m from Király street))
E-mail cím: info@bikepont.hu
Telefon: +36-30/988-58-75
open: M-F 11-19h, S. 11-14h
info: A super friendly, energetic young man offering  30% discount from repair work fee. The discount does not apply to parts you may need to buy and web shop. 

· More Light Coaching & Tai-Chi & Yoga classes
tel: +36 30 999 7301
info: classes and workshops by Ljiljana Foki - a certified Life & Business & Energy Coach and a Certified Tai-Chi & Yoga teacher.  10% discount for ASiB students.

· Health-based Ashtanga Yoga - private lessons
address: Wesselenyi utca 36  in Szep Kis India store. Private home-visits may be arranged uppon agreement
contact: Arzu Hajiyeva
mob.: +36 30 5954548 / +36 30 4588698http://purayoga.hu/

Yoga for fitness, stress management and health
instructed by Dr. Diksha Sharma - private tutor 
15% discount for ASiB students.

· Fundacja Świadomego Rozwoju 
address: ul.Wojdyńska 46E, 03-289 Warszawa, Poland
tel.: +48 504 254 654
web: http://www.fundacjasr.org/ImmersionProgram.html
10% discount for all trainings trainings which help bring NVC into education and support  your personal growth in English and Polish language.  special recommendations: NVC Mediation Immersion Program 

· Ágnes Magyar (hand painter tights)

email: magyaragildi@gmail.com
 tel: +36 30 3257 253
info: 10% discount for orders of unique hand painted tights. Patterns, styles and sizes on request, good quality tights and textile paint. The products are washable in washing machine till 40 C