October 2011 | Art School in Budapest Art School in Budapest: October 2011

Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Join a Course This November

    Fall with gloomy clouds and boring rains has finally arrived to Budapest, but at Art School in Budapest we keep the rainbow mood. 

   This November two new 6 weeks long courses are starting: Studio Drawing on Wednesday mornings and FLOW on Thursday early afternoon. Beside this you may consider joining some of the regular weekly courses straight after the mid term break. Please find more information below.

   · 6 weeks STUDIO DRAWING course starting November 9, 2011 
   Lessons will be on Wednesdays (November 9 - December 14. ) from 9.30 -12hThis course is for anyone age 17 who is interested in a more traditional knowledge of drawing. In this course you  learn to draw  what you see accurately, your sight and sense of composition will develop, and you will be introduced to techniques such as pencil, charcoal and pen and ink. Students of different pre-knowledge, experience and interests are welcome to this course.
group size: 3-6 students
course fee (6 lessons): 21 000 Ft  (3500 Ft/lesson)

· 6 weeks FLOW course starting November 10, 2011 
   Lessons will be on Thursdays (November 10 - December 15) from 14.30 -17h. 
This is a course for anyone regardless of age, talent or skills, longing to be creative again. The aim of this course is to wake up your sleeping creativity and to re-create the joy of self expression (state of flow). Feel good about yourself while working with a variety of traditional and non traditional art techniques.  Let Art open a new door to discovering yourself!
group size: 3-6 students
course fee (6 lessons): 21 000 Ft (3500 Ft/lesson)

· about the teacher:
 Barbara Guttman, is an active contemporary artist and she holds a doctorate degree in painting and art educationMore about Barbara Guttman

· Other weekly courses at Art School in Budapest you may consider joining this November (after the mid term break)  with 10% discount:
   ·ARS MODO (introduction into contemporary art), Tuesdays, 18.15 – 20.45h (join from November 8th)
   ·WEEKLY CONEMPORARY (lectures and discussions about contemporary arts) Tuesdays, 18.15 – 17.30h (join from November 9th)
   · STUDIO DRAWING AND PAINITING (traditional drawing and painting methods and techniques), Wednesdays, 13-16h (join from November 9th)
    · FLOW (creativity development, self expression, self connection), Thursdays, 18 –20.30 (join from November 10th)
ckick here to read more about the weekly courses
! note : 10% discount is for the 4 and 8 weeks  enrolments (with the start at the second week of November) 

· for more information and application:
email: artschoolbudapest@ gmail.com

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Art & Nonviolent Communication Weekend

     October 22-23 

   Enthusiasm for the things we feel passionate about can be contagious.

   For quite a while, I have been passionate about both contemporary art and nonviolent communication (NVC). My whole school: the courses, the structure and the way of teaching are inspired by these two passions of mine. 
    And this fall I wish to expand my dream to a wider audience. On the weekend of October 22-23 Art School in Budapest will be offering a series of exciting workshops and lectures about Art and nonviolent communication. You are warmly welcome to join any of them.

   Admission: Contribution of 500-1000Ft/visitor to cover the organizational costs,  free entry for ASiB students 

    To register and for more information please write to: artschoolbudapest@gmail.com 
Due to the limited space, number of places for each lecture and workshop is limited to 15. Places will be allocated on first come, first served basis.

PROGRAM (click here for detailed description of the lectures/workshops )
Saturday, October 22:
15.30 -16.00 
           Judit Bergmann: 
           Presenting the "5 symbols" task series (lecture)
16.00 - 17.00
          Victoria Zamparutti:
          Introduction to the history of Latin America Art (lecture)
17.15 - 18.45
          Katalin Timár: 
          Dialogical Art and Its Political Engagement in Contemporary Art  (lecture)
19.00 - 20.30 
           Hava Eva Jonai: 
           The language of life and connection - Short Introduction to NVC (workshop)
Sunday, October 23:
16.30 - 17.30
           Judit Fischer: 
           Why Do We Support the Arts (lecture)
17.45 -18.30 
           Barbara Guttman:
           Do We Really Draw on The Right Side of the Brain? (lecture)
19.00 - 20.30
            Eva Ramabala: 
            Soft Skills for Hard Cases - Basics of Nonviolent Communication  (workshop) 

                                                          You are welcome to 
  a small school with a big heart!