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Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Season's Greetings!

Let your New Year
be filled with 

joy, good helth 
tons of Creativity.

Art School in Budapest is on winter break till end of January.
New courses are starting on February 3rd.
Promotional lessons will be offered between January 27th -31st. 

15 weeks + two breaks

- Jan. 24th -26th (Fri.-Sunday) - Introduction to egg tempera - intensive weekend course
- Jan 27 th-31th (Monday to Friday) - Promotional lessons

- Feb. 3rd - Start of spring courses
- Feb. 23rd (Sunday)  -Art Marathon
- March 7th (Friday) - ASIB's birthday party- March 24th - 28th - Half Term break
- Apr.11th 
(Sunday)  -Art Marathon
- Apr. 18 th - 25th - Spring break
- May 25th 
(Sunday)  -Art Marathon
- May 29th - End of spring course

- May 31st (Saturday)-End of school year party

   18 -21h
   Feb.3 - May 26
   Introduction to Contemporary Art 1
   15 week course
(7 weeks basics + 8 weeks advanced)


   13 -16h
   Feb.4 - May 27
   Introduction to Contemporary Art 2
   15 week course

(7 weeks basics + 8 weeks advanced)

   13 -16h
   Feb.5 - May 28
   Studio Painting and Drawing
15 week course

   18 -20.30h
   Feb.5 - Mar. 19
   Sketching and Small Drawings
7 week course

   Apr. 2 - May. 28
   Nude Sketching and Small Drawings
   7 week course

8 week course

   18 -20.30 h
   Feb.6- May 29
   Creative Self Expression 1
15 week workshop

   13.00 -15.30 h
   Feb.7- May 30
   Creative Self Expression 2
15 week workshop

Monday, December 9, 2013

Studio Painting and Drawing - one-time Christmas special lesson

 December 14, Saturday, from 10.30 - 15.30 h
  (min. 4 - max. 7 persons - please register)

    If you are a professionally or a non-professionally engaged in arts and would like to learn more about the skills and knowledge of traditional European art, this is the course for you. By learning to draw and/or paint what you see accurately, your sight, sense of color and composition will develop, you may learn how to present depth, mix the exact tone you wish on your pallet and use techniques such as pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, ink and wash, gouache, home-made egg tempera, watercolors, etc. Students of different knowledge, experience and interests are welcome to this special Christmass lesson.  

fee: 5000-8000 Ft (depending on your financial abilities and free will) tea and light snacks are included

registrations deadline: December 13th, 10 AM

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November newsletter – The Art of Hibernation

    Two weeks ago, just before a Creative Self–Expression lesson, a student and I were sitting at the table sipping our tea.  As we were elaborating the usual November small talk topics and complaining about the grey sky, short days and the clock change to the winter time, I once again remembered my 4 months longs stay in Finland  in winter 2005.
    -  Finns know how to accept what they have. - I said - They are not trying to go against the weather. They simply learned how to live with it.
     Indeed, it was in Finland that, for the very first time,  I saw people riding bikes in the snow,  people going out with wet hair at -15ºC  not worring to catch a cold, and people appreciating and even loving the humble variety of locally grown food. I learned there, that it was never cold outside and that if I was feeling cold it meant that I was not dressed well enough. 
    - I felt great in Finland, – I said – but I had to sleep 10 hours every night. More sleep helped  me. 
    - Yes, winter is time for hibernation - my student said
    - Hibernation!  That’s the right word! – I exclaimed-  Hibernation!  
    And as I was saying this, the complaints about November, made only 5 minutes earlier, started to look ridiculous. After all November is November, it is the time of year when sky is low and days are short and I cannot change much. 
    - I was always going agaist it. 
- I said - That's why it was so hard. Instead, I could simply try to live with it. 
    So this November, I am embracing myself being more sleepy, slower and less efficient. This November I am staying home, painting, sipping my tea and mastering the art of hibernation.  After all, it is an art. 


 · December 6, Friday,  from 18.30 - 23 h
  Pikkujoulu  Little Christmas Party 
  (max. 40 persons - please register)

18.30 -19.15 - Barbara Guttman's lecture: The Myth of The Right Brain
19.15 - 23h - Party

20.30 - Pikkujoulu game    Pikku Joulu is a Finnish expression, meaning little Christmas. It is a name for parties Finns like to give in the time before Christmas. Beside mulled wine and yummy cookies, this traditional party at ASiB will be spiced up with a game I learned at my first pikkijoulu party in Finland. Please bring some nice food or drink to share with others, 2 or more tiny, wraped gifts (fort the game) and a art-loving friend, too.
   To check availability and register plase send an email to artschoolbudapest@gmail.com 
Places will be allocated on first come first served bases. 

· November 30, Saturday, from 10.30 - 15.30 h
  Nude Sketching and Drawing lesson - Christmas  special
  (min. 4 - max. 7 persons - please register)
    Come to expand your creativity and experience the unique atmosphere at Art School in Budapest.  At this lesson, a nude model will be set in shorter and longer poses and you will be making figure sketches and drawings and  in a drawing technique of your choice. All materials, tea and light snacks are included. 
age: 14 and above
fee:  6000 - 10 000 Ft 
(depending on your financial abilities and free will) 

registrations deadline: Noveber 29th, 10 AM

· December 1, Sunday, from 10.30 - 14 h
  Creative Self Expression lessonChristmas  special
  (min. 4 - max. 7 persons - please register)
    Inspired by the theme of Christmas and closing the calender year, this lesson will encourage you to reach the joy of self-expression while working on a few smaller exercises and one bigger art project, using both usual and unusual art matherials. During these 3,5 hours, I will be facilitating you through a lovely journey of self-connection and creative expression using methods I developed my doctorate research in art education and inspired by the process of Marshall B. Rosenberg’s NVC (Nonviolent Communication). All materials, tea and light snacks are included. 
age: 17 and above, regardless of skills and talent
fee: 4500-7000 Ft (depending on your financial abilities and free will) 
registrations deadline: Noveber 29th, 10 AM

· December 14, Saturday, from 10.30 - 15.30 h
  Studio Painting and Drawing Christmas  special
  (min. 4 - max. 7 persons - please register)
    If you are a professionally or a non-professionally engaged in arts and would like to learn more about the skills and knowledge of traditional European art, this is the course for you. By learning to draw and/or paint what you see accurately, your sight, sense of color and composition will develop, you may learn how to present depth, mix the exact tone you wish on your pallet and use techniques such as pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, ink and wash, gouache, home-made egg tempera, watercolors, etc. Students of different knowledge, experience and interests are welcome to this course.  
fee: 5000-8000 Ft (depending on your financial abilities and free will) tea and light snacks are included. 
registrations deadline: December 13th, 10 AM

· Barbara Guttman's work on Lövölde tér
   As part of 1 x 1 project of the Associatiion of  Hungarian Young Artists, from the end of November 2013 till February 2014 Barbara Guttman's art billboard will be shown on Lövölde tér, district 7. The work displayed is part of Barbara's series titled The Movement of The Inner


informtion and regitration:

tel: +36 20 467 5051 

email: artschoolbudapest@gmail.com

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Newsletter:

Trial lessons and courses

You are still in time! The trial lessons for the fall 2013 term are starting on September 4th.  This term you can choose between 6 different weekly and monthly courses at 9 different times. Come to enjoy the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and a unique and fun approach to learning in small groups. Courses will be starting in September and October 
(for more information please click here>>>

Art Week on a Croatian island
September 21- 29, Krapanj island, Croatia

Get a taste of most important courses offered at ASIB and enjoy the picturesque little island on Dalmatian coast.  The topic of the visual exploration during the art week will be micro - macro - landscape and the natural world of the island. 
In the mornings,  you will have opportunity to take part at 3,5-4 h long drawing, painting and creativity development lessons After lunch you will have free time to take a swim, visit the nearby towns of Trogir and Šibenik or work on your personal art projects. In the evenings, the group will gather again for a home cooked dinner followed by an interactive lecture or film  in the topic of contemporary arts.  In order to secure plenty of personal attention for every student, number of participants will be kept small (min. 6 - max. 8).
Fee: 60 000 Ft (200 EUR),  ASIB students 50 000Ft (166 EUR)
Accommodation and food: 176 EUR (22 EUR/ day) (8 nights in double bed rooms including  breakfast and dinner)  more about accomodatiion: http://www.tanfara.net/index_e.html

Further information and  application please contact: 
artschoolbudapest@gmail.com,  tel:: +36 20 467 5051
Applications will be accepted till September 15th, noon

Year Opening Party 
September 12th - max. 45 people (please register)

18.30h -  "Milky Way", a film by Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf. (85' + 8' interview with the director) 
A must to see for all art lovers.  A film without a single word spoken. A film which will turn into a  painting in motion.
(max. 15 people, please apply)

20.h - Party  (max. 45 people, please register)
please bring:
1) slippers or plan to go bear feet (you will be asked to take off your shoes  and may be sitting on the floor)
2) a cup you will drink from (Please help us care about the environment and say “NO” to using plastic cups)   
3)  some vegetarian food, snacks and/or drinks to share with everyone.

Registrations at: artschoolbudapest@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New School Year Starting in September

Work by  Seth aka Globepainter
The new school year is starting this September and I hope that Art School in Budapest (ASiB) will continue to be a fun, warmhearted and supportive place where you come to expand your knowledge and skills in the visual arts, reinforce your creative self while meeting interesting people who, like you, share a passion for art.
This fall, a variety of courses and workshops in painting, drawing and creativity development are being offered for adults and teens . In order to maintain a high quality of learning/teaching and make sure that each student receives plenty of attention, we will continue to work in small groups, generally up to 6 students. At ASiB we care about your individual interest, needs and level of knowledge therefore, curricula at every course and workshop is personally tailored. The school is a unique place to experience how learning and developing can be a fun and deeply meaningful process.
You are welcome to Art School in Budapest, a small school with a big heart. 
list of courses · application and fees  · fall 2013 schedule  ·  testimonials
FALL 2013 
COURSES & WORKSHOPS (short version)
 For a detailed list of courses click here

· Studio Painting 
   and Drawing 
    (for adults and teens above 14)

If you are a professionally or a non-professionally engaged in arts and would like to learn more about the skills and knowledge of traditional European art, this is the course for you. Duration: 3 hours on weekdays and 4 hourse on weekends. read more >>>

12-week courses start on: Wednesday, September 11th, 13 -16 h
Once a mont course (4 sessions) on Sundays: Sep. 15,  Oct. 13,  Nov. 17, Dec. 15
Trial lessons: Wed., September 4th, 13 -15h and 18 -21h (please apply )

· Creative Selfexpression 
    (a workshop for everyone, regardless of age, talent or skills)

If you long to awaken your creativity and have fun, if you are not even sure whether you know how to be creative or if you wish to use artistic expression to deepen your self-growth, this is a workshop for you. Duration: 2,5  hours.  read more>>> 

10-week workshop start on: Tursday, Oct. 3rd, 13.30 - 16h
10-week workshop start on: Tursday, Oct. 3rd, 18 - 20.30 h  
Trial lessons:  Thur., Sept. 5th & 19th, 13.30 -15.30  (please apply )
                         Thur., Sept. 5th & 19th, 18 -20  (please apply )

· Nude Painting 
    and Drawing 
    (For adults and teens above 14)

 Whether you are professionally or non-professionally involved in arts, the Nude Painting and Drawing lessons may enforce your figure drawing skills and self expression in a fun and relaxed way.  read more>>> 

bi-weekly course of 8 sessions 18 -20.30h starting: Tuesday, Sept. 17,  
4 x full day course on Saturdays,  10 -17h ,  (Sept. 14/ Oct.12 /Nov.16 /Dec.14)
Trial lessons: September 3rd & 10th, 18 -20  (minimum 3 people ) (please apply!)

· Introduction to 
   Contemporary Art  
    (weekly lectures and work on project for adults and teens above 16)

    If you are planning to apply to an art school next year, if you are an artist and need support and guidance or if you simply feel lost in a modern art gallery and wish to broaden your understanding of arts, this is the course for you! At this course you will receive theoretical and practical introduction to contemporary visual art.  read more>>> 
10 week course starting on Fridays,  October 4th

·  Sketching And 
    Small Drawings
   (For adults and teens above 14 reagrdless of their previous experience)

  If you would like to improve drawing skills in an energetic and fun way, this is a course for you. Through making sketches and small drawings, you will be developing your sight, sense of composition, linear expression, shading and much more. Duration: 2 hours. read more>>> 

bi-weekly course of 6 sessions on Wednesdays, 18 -20 h starting: Sept. 18th  
Trial lessons: Sept. 4th &11th, 18 -20  (minimum 3 people ) please apply!

· Arteen 
    (bi-weekly course on Fridays for age 14 -17)

Arteen is a course specially designed for the needs and interests of teenagers aiming to give them a fun introduction into different art techniques. During the bi-weekly lessons on Friday afternoons,  students will have a fun experience of trying out different painting and drawing techniques and learnings some secrets about how paints are made, how to mix different tones od colours and which techniques can be mixed together.read more>>> 
course of 5 sessions starting on: Friday, October 4th, 17.30 -20 h
Trial lessons: Friday, Sept. 6th and 13th, 17.30-19.30h (please apply)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Barbara Guttman's exhibition


 I am happy to invite you to the closing event of my exhibition "The Intensive Course in Accpetance". During the event you will have chance to experience my time-installation titled: "Kaddish For Michael" and get my freshly printed catalogue.
You are warmly welcome!

Gallery of Contemporay Art, National Museum, Kragujevac, Serbia
Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 at 19h


Friday, May 31, 2013

Cucumber Season at Art School in Budapest

Art School in Budapest is at summer vacation and it will be closed till September. The new timetable and list of courses are expected to bee publish soon. If you would like to be the first to know about the new course starting  next fall  please subscribe to the mailing list (artschoolbudapest@blogspot.com) and/or add Art School in Budapest to your Facebook friends list
   If you are interested in attending private lessons during the summer please email at : artschoolbudapest@blogspot.com or call: + 36 20 467 5051
   ASiB wishes you a lovely summer filled with exciting experiences, relaxation and lots of art!

What is cucumber season?
   The time between beggining of July till August 21th is called cucumber season in Hungary. Beside the obvious peak time for cucumbers and making the delicious sun pickeled kovászos uborka most people go to vacation during these two months. Because of this finishing  administration in the city or simplly having a coffee with a friend who is Budapest at the same time as you, can become a chalenge. At Cucumber Season everything is slowed down and in the "siesta-mode".

Friday, May 10, 2013

Art Meeting Design - Lets Celebrate!

Lecture & Party
May 29th
from 18.30h

The end of an other school year is approaching and this year ASiB has prepared something very, very special for you. On May 29th Art School in Budapest and Danish Interior Design are coming together to celebrate art meeting design with a party.  Fetch your art loving friend or your partner and join us for an evening filled with culture, live music, and bubbly wines.

Please check avalability and register at: 
(scroll down for a more detailed program)

18.30h - Welcome drink

19h - “What is Hungarian? Contemporary Artists 
Reassess The Past ”- lecture by Linnea West (USA) 
Fulbright Scholar in Art History  

20h - Raffle

20.15h - Party - live music by Éqouter jazz band and
wold's sparkling wine  tasting

Danish Interior Design 
Hercegprímás utca 6
district 5, close to Basilica

NOTE: Admission free. Number of places will be limited and therefore we strongly advice you to register soon.  Places will be alocated on first come firs served basis. Please check availability and register at: andras@danish-interior-design.com

Detailed Program:
Little Warso

19h - “What is Hungarian? Contemporary Artists Reassess The Past ”- lecture by Linnea West (USA) Fulbright Scholar in Art History  

Reimagining the near past and constructing local identities

This survey presentation on the themes of context and identity in contemporary Hungarian art, based on a 9-month research period in Hungary, features critical, Conceptual recent artworks that investigate historical consciousness. Projects by artists such as József Szolnoki, Szabolcs KissPál, Gergely László, Andreas Fogarasi, Zsolt Keserue, and Csaba Nemes can be linked in their quasi-documentary, quasi-imaginative investigations of a specifically Hungarian past. These artworks also illustrate the roles of context and identity. While arguably these works enlarge ideas of identity beyond the traditional nationalist concept, their heavily contextual nature can be problematic in engaging not only the international viewer but also the local Hungarian audience.
Historical consciousness refers not to history itself, but how history has been told, what has gone unmentioned, and a questioning of the systems and motivating forces behind this process. And perhaps most importantly, what is the role of the past in the present? A brief consideration of recent changes in the cultural scene, cultural politics, activist art, and related protests brings the discussion into the present day.

Linnea West is currently a 2012-13 Fulbright Fellow in Art History at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art-Budapest before returning to the U.S. to pursue graduate studies in contemporary art and theory. She has written the contemporary art blog Art Ravels (www.linneawest.com/blog) since 2008 and has a background in publishing in New York City. She recently curated BORDERS (www.bordersexhibition.wordpress.com), the first-ever exhibition of Fulbright artists, exploring the notion of geographical and cultural boundaries.
web: http://contextandidentity.wordpress.com/

from 20.15h - Party -  Éqouter jazz band

Yunus Baydur speaking about his band: "Band Écouter was founded in the Spring of 2004, in Budapest, by three enthusiastic fellows. What's this band about? Maybe, turning bedside blues to raw riffs and then into pickled melodies... Who knows? All we can say is that this drowsy tousled youngster, in his dizzy moments awake, is confident that humming and mumbling he will still save the world. Tonight though, it'll be a single reed and some strings." 
website: eqt.uw.hu
Facebook: EQT

The Host 
The Danish Interior Design is delighted to introduce the celebrated manufacturers, which gives a little touch of Denmark in the heart of Budapest. In their showroom you can get to know the arts, home accessories, lighting and furniture. http://danish-interior-design.com/

Thursday, May 9, 2013

ASiB Goes to Museum

Sylvia Sleight: Cesarian nude- Paul Rosano, 1975
This month Art School in Budapest is taking you to Ludwing Museum for a guided tour of the exhibition

The Naked Man 
Saturday, May 18th, 15-16h

Join us and learn how social changes in the past 100 years have been shaping the male identity and the way male nude is presented in visual arts.  See how some of the male artists have approached their own nudity and also how female artists have conquered a theme that had long been forbidden to them. Come to explore  the topic of male nude in visual arts through the history of the 20th and 21st centuries, through crises of identity and phases of sovereignity, the questioning of traditional male role models, the search for alternatives, the face up to weakness and vulnerability, the gaze of desire and the erotic pose.  
(note: Some of the works of art may be of a sexually explicit nature,  parental guidance is advised)

Everone is warmly welcome!

Fee: 2700Ft 
(2100Ft for the enrance ticket + 600Ft for the guided tour)

Please register till May 16th, noon at artschoolbudapest@gmail.com

Artists in the exhibition:
Maayan Amir, Dieter Appelt, Christian Ludwig Attersee, Richard Avedon, Matthew Barney, Herbert Bayer, Irene Bayer, Berhidi Mária, Blue Noses Group, Saskia de Boer, Hermann Boll, Louise Bourgeois, Marianne Brandt, A. Calavas, Jimmy Caruso, Jean Cocteau, Edmund Collein, John Coplans, Marlene Dumas, Thomas Eakins, Frank Eugene, Atelier Fayer, Werner David Feist, Ferenczy Károly, Regina José Galindo, Gilbert & George, Felix González-Torres, Wilhelm von Gloeden, Tomislav Gotovac, Ion Grigorescu, Gyenis Tibor, Ilse Haider, Hajas Tibor, Halász Károly, Keith Haring, Erich Heckel, Matthias Herrmann, David Hockney, Anna Jermolaewa, Franz Kapfer, Keserue Zsolt, Jürgen Klauke, Max Koch, Oscar Kokoschka, Anton Kolig, Käthe Kollwitz, Koncz András, Rudolf Koppitz, Korb Erzsébet, Katarzyna Kozyra, Paul Kranzler, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Alfred Kubin, Hermann Werner Kubusch, Zofia Kulik, David LaChapelle, Lakner László, Peter Land, Annie Leibovitz, Zbigniew Libera, Herbert List, Heinz Loew, Urs Lüthi, Major János, Robert Mapplethorpe, Paul McCarthy, McDermott & McGough, Stefan Moses, Jan Mutsu, Eadweard Muybridge, Otto Mühl, Bruce Nauman, Atelier Alois Navràtil, Adi Nes, Michael Neumüller, Oswald Oberhuber, Pablo Picasso, Pierre et Gilles, Guglielmo Plüschow, Bernhard Prinz, Arnulf Rainer, Leni Riefenstahl, Otto Rieth, Charlotte Rohrbach, Willy Römer, Egon Schiele, Joost Schmidt, Karl Schneider, Sascha Schneider, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Ruti Sela, Fritz Simak, Sylvia Sleigh, Stelarc, Karl Sterrer, Baron Raimund von Stillfried, Szabó Benke Róbert, Szőnyi István, Tihanyi Lajos, Spencer Tunick, Uitz Béla, VALIE EXPORT, Vaszary János, Milisav Mio Vesović, Vető János, Bogdan Vladuta, Rudolf Wacker, Marianne von Werefkin, Edward Weston, Zelko Wiener, Artur Żmijewski