February 2012 | Art School in Budapest Art School in Budapest: February 2012

Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Saturday, February 18, 2012

MORE SPRING SWING: New Courses in March

Is creativity missing in your life? Do you enjoy art and would like to learn some more? Would you like to enjoy more „me” time  and have fun expressing  yourself? Or are you maybe thinking about applying to an art school next year? 

   Visit us at Art School in Budapest and choose a course which will fit your interestes and needs the best.  
    Free trial lessons will be offered one week before the start of each course.  
    Places for all courses  and free lessons are limited and will be allocated on first come, first served basis. To register please contact Art School in Budapest at: artschoolbudapest@gmail.com and give your name and your phone number or call + 36 20 467 5051

New courses this March:
    March 7th – May 9th: Weekly Contemporary - a series of 8 interactive lectures  which will offer you an introduction into undertsnading contemporary art. (for more information click here)
           fee: 14 000 Ft (for 8 x 75 min. )
           time: Wednesdays, 14.30 – 15.45h 
           free trial lesson: February 29, 14.30 - 16h (register now)

    ● March 7th – May 9th: ARS MODO – Through series of interactive lecturees and work on your own art projects, this course of 8 lessons will deepend you understanding about what contemporary art is and how it is made. (for more information click here)
              fee:24 000 Ft (for 8 x 75 min. of interactive lecture followed by 75 min. consultations about the personal project)
              time: Wednesdays, 14.30 – 17.15h   
              free trial lesson: February 29,  14.30 - 16h (register now
   ● March 13 – May 15: Studio Drawing – During 8 lesson you will reveal some of the skills and knowledge of old masters. Students of all levels and previous expereince welcome. (For more information click here)
           fee: 24 000 Ft (for 8 x 3h lessons
           time: Tuesdays, 17 -20h 
           free trial lesson : March 6th,  17 – 19h (register now)

   ● …or consider joining the FLOW , a weekly  course based on Barbara Guttman’s doctorate reserch and designed to help you open up createvely and enjoy  the process of making art, regardless of your skills and talent.  All materials provided. (For more information click here)
        Possibility of trial lesson
        Lessons fee includes all materials
        To see the fee and terms and conditions please click here
        time: every Thursday, 18 – 20.30h