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Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

· Application and Fees

You can enroll to any of ASIB courses and workshops in two easy steps:

1 - Contact us to check if there are places available in the course/workshop of your interest. 
email: artschoolbudapest@gmail.com
phone + 36 20 467 5051 .Places for all courses and workshops are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

2 - Fill out the application form &
 cover your fee 
Once you place is confirmed, we will emaildor give you an application form. Your place at a course/workshop will be guaranteed only after you submited a fully filled,  signed and printed form and covered your fee. 

 Please complete your application one week prior to the start of your course/workshop. 

Payment system that
is a change!

From fall 2012 Art School in Budapest has had a sliding scale fee system. By giving you flexibility in tailoring your own course fees , I hope that you will enjoy offering as much as you can and in this way support my needs, the growth of the school and the learning of other students. Please see the table below for the suggested amounts for the spring 2017 courses and workshops.


How do I pay?
ASIB has a sliding scale payment system. Please select the highest amount you can offer from your heart. 

What do I get in exchange for my fees? 
Your payment will cover the costs of organizing and running the courses, facilities, materials for certain courses, paying the Hungarian tax, model fees, as well as snacks and drinks served at each lesson. 

Can I pay a fix rate? 
In case you do not wish to use the sliding scale and prefer having fix rates the suggested rates for the courses are: 8000 Ft / lesson multiplied by the number of lessons. The exception are Painting Explorations, Egg Tempera and Creative-Self Expression where fixed price is 10 000 Ft / lesson multiplied by the number of lessons. Each lesson is usually 2,5 -3 h long.

Why do I tailor my own fees at ASIB? 
It is my dream to see a world where we are supportive and emphatic enough that needs of every person are taken into consideration. It is also my dream to make it possible that my art lessons are available to anyone, regardless of his  or her financial background.  Finally teaching is providing me financial stability which helps me continue working on my own art. 
Through a sliding scale, I want to invite a change in our approach to money and make it a joyful tool to exchange by contributing to each other’s lives.  

When you come to your an art lessons you may meet your need for learning, fun, improving skills and competence,  socializing,  personal growth and much more. When I teach, I meet my needs for sharing my experience and knowledge with others, which gives a lot of meaning to my life.  It is also a strategy to pay my bills and give me financial and time independence which I need to work on my own art. 

Can I pay for only one lesson? 

Payment for one lesson is possible only for the promotional* and the trial lessons** of weekly courses. A person can attend only one trial or promotional lesson per course/workshop.  For any promotional or trial lesson, we would enjoy receiving between 2000 and 6000 Ft. Payment for one lessons does not guarantee your place at the course.
(*promotional lesson – a lesson prior to the start of a course offered for promotional reasons
**trial lesson – a lesson a student is attending at a course which had already started  in order to see if he/she will join the course)

What will I support if I offer more? 

In case you offer a higher amount, your contribution will support:   enabling students with lower incomes to participate in ASiB courses ,  purchasing new equipment for the school (art supplies, technical supplies, etc.) ,  purchasing new art books and magazines,   organizing free  events (lectures, workshops, open lessons), finding help for cleaning and maintenance of school ,   my participation at conferences and workshops related to art, education and Nonviolent Communication.

What is the reason for having minimum amount int he sliding scale? 
In order to be able to sustaining the school, my own life expenses I would enjoy receiving at least the minimum of the suggested amount. 
In case you are interested in attending a course but are unable to offer the minimum suggested fee, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would enjoy  exploring possibilities to support you and hopefully find a win win solution.

For information about terms and conditions click here 

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Last update. Jan. 18, 2017