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Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Friday, November 28, 2014

Pikkujoulu - Little Christmas Party

December 6, Saturday,  from 19 - 24 h

max. 40 persons - please register

19 -20 h - Barbara Guttman's lecture: Humor in Contemporary Art
20 - 24 h - Party
21h - Pikkujoulu game    

Pikku Joulu is a Finnish expression, meaning little Christmas. It is a name for parties Finns like to give in the time before Christmas. Beside mulled wine and yummy cookies, this traditional party at ASiB will be spiced up with a game I learned at my first pikkijoulu party in Finland. Please bring some nice food or drink to share with others, 2 or more small wraped gifts (for the game) and a art-loving friend, too. Self made or recycled gifts would be appreciated. 

To check availability and register plase send an email to artschoolbudapest@gmail.com 

Places will be allocated on first come first served bases. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

New intensive weekend-course

Fri-Sun,  Dec. 12 - 14, 2014

Is This Art? (Contemporary Art for Beginners) 

A theoretical intensive weekend course for adults and teens above 16

Have you always wanted to understand what contemporary art is about? This is a course for you.

Through a series of interactive lectures and your active engagement in open discussions, you will start to deepen your understanding and thinking about contemporary art and acquire an understanding of the historical changes in art through the 20th century. The course aims to help you aquire confidence and some basic skills to relate to art works being made in the last 50 years.

Time: 6 x 1,5h

 Friday 18 -21h ,  Saturday and Sunday 11-13h and 14 - 16h. (lunch time 13-14h)

Group size: 4–12 persons

Applicaition till  Dec, 5th, noon

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October News

Oct. 16th (Thursday) 
Almost Closing Event 
of the group exhibition of the Association of Hungarian Young Artists titled The Most (A Legtöbb). Over 50 artists will be showing their work on 40 different alternative locations (offices, shops, caffees, streets, etc.) arround the city from October 1-19th. Read more about it at: https://www.facebook.com/events/275130549362693/

till Oct. 17th (Friday), 9-17h
see Barbara Guttman's  instatallation
of drawing and painting titled "108" at Ráció kiadó, Akácfa utca 20, Budapest, dist. 7. The installation is part of the group exhibition of the Association of Hungarian Young Artists titled The Most (A Legtöbb). Read more about the exhibition at: http://studio.c3.hu/alegtobb/

Oct. 23 -25 (Thursday - Sunday), 10 -17 h
Intensive Painting Course
for anyone regarding previous 
knowledge and skills
 Spend your long weekend expressing yourself with colours, doing fun and creative exercises and learning painting skill and techniques.  More about the course at: http://artschoolbudapest.blogspot.hu/2014/10/intensive-painting-course.html

Apply Now!
Wednedays 14 -17h
(till Dec. 10th)

Studio Painting and Drawing
a course for anyone regarding previous 
knowledge and skills
 Two spots are now opening at the Wednesday Painting and Drawing course. Lesson are tailored to meet the individual needs and interest of each student hence all levels- from beginers to professionals are welcome. For more information check: http://artschoolbudapest.blogspot.hu/p/application-fees.html or write to artschoolbudapest@gmail.com

New discounts for ASIB students:

 Uristen Festék shop

  address: Distr. 8, Budapest, József krt. 26  open: M-F: 10 -18, S: 10 -13
  info: A small art suplies shop , 10% discount 

 Bikepont (bike shop and repairs)
address:  1067 Budapest, Csengery utca 34. ( 20m from Király street))

info: 30% discount for all repair work fee

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Intensive Painting Course

October 23 -26
10 -17 h

 a 4-day course for adults 
and teens above 14 regardless 
of their previous experience 

Whether you would like to explore how to use colors to get in touch with your inner world, or would rather enjoy learning more technical painting skills this is a course for you. Trough fun and playful exercises we will address topics such as color theory, developing sensitivity for mixing tones, using color to present space, volume, light and  composition as well as some basics of painting technology. Exercises adopted from the Creative Self-Expression ... read more >>>

Applicaition till  Oct.15th, noon . 
Places will be allovated on first come first served bases. 

For more information and applications please contact:         
artschoolbudapest@gmail.com or call  36 20 467 5051

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Year Opening Party

September 20, 19 -23h

Number of people will be limited to maximum of 40. Places will be allocated on first come first served bases. 

Please register at

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Upcoming Courses

   fall 2014 

Aug. 25th - 28th, Mon.- Thur. 18 - 21h
·  Sketching And Small Drawings -(intensive course)
If you would like to improve drawing skills in an energetic and fun way, this is a course for you. Through making sketches and small drawings, you will be developing your sense of composition, linear expression, shading and much  ...>>>

Sep. 17th - Dec. 10th on Wednesdays 13.30 -16.30 h
· Studio Painting and Drawing 
If you are a professionally or a non-professionally engaged in arts and would like to learn more about the skills and knowledge of traditional European art, this is the course for you. By learning to draw and/or paint... >>>

 Sep. 17th - Dec. 10th on Wednesdays 18.15 -21 h
· Portrait Painting and Drawing 
Whether you are professionally or non-professionally involved in arts, the Portrait Painting and Drawing course may be a fun and relaxed way to enforce your current knowledge and skills in 2D depiction.  During the lessons a model will be set and you will be encouraged to make sketches, small drawings and paintings...>>>

Oct. 23rd - 26th, Thur.- Sun. 
· Intensive Painting Course 
Whether you would like to explore how to use colors to get in touch with your inner world, or would rather enjoy learning more technical painting skills this is a course for you. Trough fun and playful exercises we will address topics such as color theory, developing sensitivity for ...>>>

Dec. 12th - 14th, Fri.- Sun.
·  Is this Art? - Contemporary Art for Beginners (intensive weekend-course)
Have you always wanted to understand what contemporary art is about?    Through a series of interactive lectures and your active engagement in open discussions, you will start to deepen your ...>>>

     For infromation and application please contact:  

     Art School in Budapest (ASB)
     tel. + 36 20 467 5051

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ready For a New Swing

Finally! Art School in Budapest is ready for a brand new swing! Come and join us in infecting the world with contagious creativity. 
  This coming term ASB will be offering four intensive and two weekly courses in painting, drawing, contemporary art and creativity development.



Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer is Here!

Work by Peter Pink
Summer Holidays have started!  Art School in Budapest will be closed till September. 
The new timetable and list of courses are expected to be published soon. If you would like to be the first to know about the new course starting  next fall  please subscribe to the mailing list (artschoolbudapest@gmail.com) and/or follow Art School in Budapest on Facebook .
   If you are interested in attending private lessons during the summer please email at : artschoolbudapest@blogspot.com or call: + 36 20 467 5051
ASB wishes you a lovely summer filled with exciting experiences, relaxation and lots of art!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Art School in Budapest Picnic - May 31st

 One more wonderful school year is ending this week and we will be celebrating it with a fun arty picnic. Bring your friend on Saturday, May 31st from 16h
at Margaret island 
(the big lawn - see the map below)

Everyone big or small, young or old,  ASB student or not student  is welcome!

16 -17 - arrival, decorating and optional kite flying

17.30 -raffle
17.45 -19 - optional lantern making, optional kite flying
19 -  lantern inauguration
Please register: 
Please drop us an email at artschoolbudapest@gmail.com to let us know that you will be comming. This is important as in case of rain we will be able to inform you about the alternative place for the picnic.

What to bring? 

1 - A cup/mug to drink from
2 -  fruit, finger food and/or drinks to share with everyone
 3 - blanket, towel, pillow to sit on
4- an empty jar
optional: baloons, music instrument, outdoor games, kite, your dog,...

Where will the picnick be?

     For any further information and registration  please  call + 36 20 467 5051 or write to:         

Friday, May 16, 2014

ASB goes to Museum - Vasarely Museum Budapest

An interactive and expriential guided tour in English language for anyone age 6 -99      
Saturday, May 24th
 Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian-born French Op Art painter. He was best known as the "grandfather" of the Op Art movement of the 1960s. Vasarely was born on April 9, 1908 in Pecs, Hungary. He initially studied medicine, but soon abandoned the field to take up painting at the Podolini-Volkmann Academy. Vasarely went through a number of different styles before finding his groove in Op Art. During his start as a graphic designer, he was influenced by the artists of the Bauhaus and early Abstract Expressionism. He unstintingly took these principles to new levels of geometric precision and fostered the Op Art movement. His brilliant works went mainstream, in the forms of posters and fabrics. Not lacking in confidence, Vasarely used the proceeds to design and build his own museum in France. It closed in 1996, but there are several other museums in France and Hungary named after the artist. Vasarely died on March 19, 1997 in Annet-on-Marne, France.

please write to:
artschoolbudapest@gmail.com or call: 20 467 5051
Your registration will be compleated after you covered the 1500Ft registration fee

Registration deadline: May 22nd, noon.
Minimum 10 visitors
1500 Ft  + enrance ticket of 800/400/0 Ft (for more information about the fees and discounts click here) NOTE: This is a non profit event. The cost of the art historian who will be giving us the tour is 15 000Ft. In case there is more than 10 participants at the tour, the fee will be reduced acording to the number of participants.  
Time: Saturday, May 24th, 13 h
meeting at 12.45 at the entrance of the museum (please register)

 Vasarely Museum, Szentlélek tér 6
1033 Budapest (Óbuda, district 3)

Public Transportation: H5 (HÉV to Szentendre,  from Batyányi tér and Margit híd)
Buses: 29, 34, 106,118, 134, 137, 218, 226, 237
google map click here

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nature and Art - Art Week on a Croatian Island

June 7 -14
Krapanj island, Croatia 
Learn art by exploring the shapes, smells and tastes of a picturesque little island on the Dalmatian coast.  The topic of this art week will be landscape and the natural world of the island. You will be learning from two active contemporary artists and art educators:  Dr.Klara Orosz (sculpting) and  Dr. Barbara Guttman (drawing and creativity development)

Anyone between the ages of 18-99 regardless on their previous knowledge and experience.  The course is designed to welcome students of different levels and backgrounds in art, thereforeanyone from beginners to professional level is welcome.  We believe that work in mixed groups is more beneficial for your progress and that learning with special attention to your individual needs is essential for achieving joyful and meaningful learning. 

In the mornings,  you will have the opportunity to take part in 4h long drawing, sculpting and creativity development lessons.  After lunch, you will have free time to work on your personal art projects, take a swim, explore the island or visit the nearby towns of Trogir and Šibenik.  In the afternoons, Klara and Barbara will make themselves available to give you personal consultations.  In the evenings, the group will gather again for a home cooked dinner (made by our Dalmatian hosts - the Tanfara family). Every evening after dinner, you will be invited to attend lectures and film screening about different art related topics.


There will be min. 6 - max. 15 participants


Klara Orosz (DLA in sculpting) graduated in sculpting from Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, University of Pécs, Hungary followed with a MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. In 2012, she received her doctorate degree in sculpting from University of Pécs in Hungary. She has been teaching as a senior lecturer at Faculty of Art History and Visual Arts, University of Szeged, Hungary, since 2013 and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in her native Hungary and broad.  www.klaraorosz.hu and  http://444m.blogspot.hu/ )

Barbara Guttman (DLA in painting) graduated from The College of Fine and Applied Arts, Belgrade, Szerbia in 1995 and received her BA in Fine Arts from Bezalel, Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel in 2000. In 2011, she received a doctorate degree in painting from University of Pécs in Hungary and in that same year she founded Art School in Budapest. She has over 15 years of teaching experience and had participated at many solo and group exhibitions in Hungary, Europe and Palestine. www.barbaraguttman.blogspot.com)

For the morning lessons, all materials and tools will be provided. In case you want to draw, paint or sculpt in the afternoon in your free time, please bring you own materials.  Bringing notebook and a pen for taking notes during the lectures may be helpful.


Art week in Croatia, June 7 -14 
will have promotional prices.
Price of accomodation (in a shared doubble bedroom):

Aplication made…
accomodation with 2 meals


Early birds 

till Monday
 May 19th
45 000 Ft (6420Ft/day)
150 EUR 

(apr. 21EUR/day)

       176 EUR
       (22 EUR/day)
     (97 800 Ft)

Birdy birds

May 19th – till June 1st 
special promotion - same price as early birds
45000Ft/150EUR60 000 Ft
(apr. 8571 Ft/day)
200 EUR

(apr.28,5 EUR/day)


    176 EUR
       (22 EUR/day)
special promotion
- same price as early birds

      376 EUR
   (112 500 Ft)

Late birds

after June 1th 

75 000 Ft
(10714 Ft/ day)
250 EUR
(apr. 36 EUR/day)

      176 EUR
       (22 EUR/day)

       426 EUR
    (127 800 Ft)

In case you would like to be alone in a double room, you will be asked to cover 50% more for the course fee and 352 EUR (44 EUR/day) for the the acomodation.

Deposit: By covering the deposit  of 40% of your entire fee (acomodation and course fee together) your spot at the course will be reserve. The deposit is non-refundable. You will be asked to cover the remaining part of your fee by 1st of June 2014 latest.

In case we have to cancel the course, all of your payments will be fully refunded (including the deposit). 

All materials, tools, tea and snacks for the morning lessons + teacher's honorarium + 8 nights  (June 7 -14) in double bed rooms or in the kitchen of a shared apartments + breakfast and dinner cooked by our hosts the Tanfara family  (http://www.tanfara.net/index_e.html).
Please note that lunch will not be included, however each room will be part of an apartment and will have a small kitchen with basic cooking equipment. There is a small but well equipped supermarket on the island and two restaurants about 5 -10 minutes walk from the accommodation place.

You can apply in 3 easy steps: 

1- Contact us to check availability. When we comfirm free spot(s) we will send you an application form and information about how to cover the fee. 
2- Submit the application form + cover the deposite. Your fee will be tailored depending on the time of you applications (please see the section about the fees below)
3- Cover the remaining part of the fee till June 1th

Places will be allocated on first come first served bases. You place at the course will be guaranteed only after your deposit was covered and your filled and signed application form submited and if you covered your entire fee till May 28th 2014.  

Application and further information :
tel:: +36 20 467 5051