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Art school in Budapest art school in English Language with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Art school in Budapest  art school in English Language  with NVC Nonviolent Communication courses

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Miracles Can Be Late - March Newsletter

Marshall B. Rosenberg
    One morning in July 2005 I was sitting on a train to Budapest.  I was heading to my very first nonviolent communication (NVC) training. Outside it looked just like a normal Sunday morning in July - sunny, quiet, slow.  Inside I was excited.  Did I know that that day would change my life?  No! Could I guess  that ten years later I would be writing this newsletter to you, celebrating the 4th birthday of my school? Of course not. All I knew back than was that I was hungry.  I knew that THAT was the thing I wanted to learn, that THAT something was actually THE thing I had wanted to learn all my life. I felt alive.
    It was a book of Marshall B. Rosenberg’s writings and interviews  that 'made' me enroll on my first NVC training. While visiting my parents earlier that summer, one boring afternoon,  I pulled a thin white book off my old library shelf. It was a book a friend had lent  me ten years earlier, a book I had forgotten  to read and obviously to return. Actually, by that time I had completely lost touch with the friend.  Regardless of this, the book found me in the end. I read it from cover to cover in one go.  
    Now, remembering the book  and the train ride, and how my life evolved after this,  I can’t help 
but wonder if miracles can be late? I keep asking what my life  would have looked like had I read the book at the time my friend gave it to me. I wonder what kind of person I could have been in my 20s if I had thought that having needs was alright, if I had understood that I cannot cause how another person feels and if I had had more skills back then to connect to myself and to others. That train ride in 2005 not only took me to Budapest, it took my entire life in a new direction. I learned how to be present and caring for others without losing myself, I learned how to say 'no' and how to hear the 'yes' behind the 'no', I learned that whatever I was feeling was alright, I learned that something worth doing was worth doing even if not done perfectly.
Hava Éva Havai
So were the miracles late? I don't know. Some people say that things happen when we are ready for them. Perhaps  Marshall Rosenberg's book had to stay on the shelf in my parents' house  for a whole decade, till I was ready to read it.  Perhaps, to figure out what I wanted in life and to found Art School in Budapest in March 2011, I first had to experience a burn-out and leave the public school I was teaching at. Perhaps,  miracles  can be late and perhaps it is actually alright.  And perhaps, only perhaps the time between  now and the miracles is called life experience.

(This newsletter is dedicated to two NVC teachers of mine: 
Marshall B. Rosenberg, father of Nonviolent Communication, who passed on January 7th 2015. and Hava Éva Jonai, my first NVC trainer who passed in October 2014. Your work and life continue to live through us).

March 7th
ASIB's Birthday Party
This March Art School in Budapest is celebrating it's 4th birthday. Bring your friend, your favourite cup and some finger food to share with everyone and join us for the grand celebration. This year events before the party will be a small comemmoration of the life and work of to Marshall B. Rosenberg.

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March 28 - 29, 10 -16h
Creative Self- Expression 
An intensive weekend workshop for everyone, regardless of age, talent or skills

Fri.- Sun. May 1 -3
Secrets of Egg Tempera 
 A weekend course for adults and teens above 14 regardless of their previous experience

Fri. May 29 - Mon. Jun. 1  
Intensive Painting Course 
 a 4-day course for adults and teens above 14 regardless of their previous experience